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Crisis, genocide and forceful replacement have become synonymous with the Muslim World that has turned into problematic world after First World War with the downfall of Ottoman Caliphate (1362-1924) that had been playing the role of the guardian of the Muslim world ensuring security and unity after Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258). Rohingya-genocide is almost a repetition of Palestine who are now also stateless and guardian less nations in the world. Nevertheless, international community is in fact inactive decade after decades to immediate solution of these issues.
Genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state has recently entered a horrific stage. A fresh session of state-sponsored persecution has been taking place since August 24, 2017. The murderous Burmese military together with Rakhine  terrorists armed with swords, machetes and guns have started raiding villages of innocent Rohingya civilians in the name of “area clearance operation”. Responding to a ‘shady’ insurgent attack on the Myanmar police and border outposts, Burmese military has undertaken this deadliest military crackdown of the decades. And the most horrifying part of this genocidal operation is that the entire Rohingya population, including women and children, are collectively declared guilty of the attacks. Despite there being no substantiated evidence that if the attackers were in fact from Rohingya, the entire Muslim population is being targeted as “extremists” who are to be completely wiped off the face of the earth. On 8 September 2017, a spokesperson of UNHCR estimated 270,000 Rohingya refugees have sought safety in Bangladesh during last two weeks as well as 1000 have been brutally killed reported by UNO to AFP. Moreover, Bangladesh has already taken heavy load of 5 lacs people before this August tragedy. Recently, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stepped up pressure on the authorities, warning of ethnic cleansing against minorities in Rakhine. In a rare letter to the UN Security Council on 4 September 2017, he expressed concern that the violence could get spiral into a “humanitarian catastrophe”.

According to Myanmar military official statement announced on September 2, 2017, nearly 400 Muslims have already been killed. Even though, it is known by international media that the actual figure is undoubtedly much higher, and it is escalating every day. Those who escaped the surging persecution are recounting their gruesome experiences carried out by the regime’s army and Rakhine  militia.

The role of the Muslim rulers and armies are very inhumanely limited in lip service. Actually, only by Bangladesh is not fully possible to solve this transnational problem. Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and other Muslim influential states should come forward with humanitarian assistance, diplomatic maneuvers and military actions. What the Islamic Military Alliance (IMA), an intergovernmental counter-terrorist alliance of countries in the Muslim world, lead by Saudi Arabia, is doing? Bangladesh very eagerly joined the military alliance that has 41 Muslim member states currently still remain silent though the  terrorists are killing Muslims in Myanmar. Where is OIC turning “Oh! I see” and its alliance IMA to solve Muslim’s problems at Rakhine. Indonesian foreign minister and Turkey first lady already visited the spot in Bangladesh and Turkey agreed to send 10 lac tons food assistance. When the largest military alliance equipped with nuclear power will move forward to liberate Rohingaya or Palestine is the question of this oppressed  Muslim children, women and the older  people.

Indian Premier Narendra Modi’s stance on the Rohingya issue has emerged as another example of how the plights of the ethnic minority get trampled at the altar of geo-political considerations. 8 September 2017 in another show of solidarity with Myanmar, India has refused to be a part of a declaration adopted at an international parliamentary forum conference in Indonesia as it carried “inappropriate” reference to violence in Rakhine state from where 1,64,000 Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh. When the two Asian giants — China and India — have more at stake than the Rohingya miseries, Myanmar can remain unharmed in the face of any international move like that initiated by the UN secretary general who has written to the Security Council to take steps on the Rohingya issue. Russia remains with Myanmar as well. Therefore, China backed by Russia blocked a UN Security Council draft resolution on the Rohingyas. At a closed-door meeting at the Security Council last week, China even opposed effective engagement of the UN in Myanmar on Rohingya issue.
Indeed the believers are but brothers (Al-Hujuraat, 10). And the male believers and female believers are all ‘Awliyaa (protectors, supporters) to one another (At-Taubah, 71). The verses of Al- Quran are obligating the supports (physical, material or oral) of the capable Muslims or Muslim nations to stop the atrocities against Rohingyas. Authentic Hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (SM) are also clear directions to quick response and assistance if any Muslim faces any crisis or danger. The example of the believers in respect to the affection and mercy towards one another is like the example of one single body. If one part complains the rest of the body responds to it with fever and sleeplessness (Mutaffaq ‘Alaihi). The Muslims are like a single man. If his eye complains the whole of him complains and if his head complains the whole of him complains (Muslim). The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, he does not transgress against him, he does not let him down, and he does not degrade him. Taqwaa is right here. (And he pointed towards his chest three times). It is enough (of a sin) for the Muslim to degrade his Muslim brother. Every Muslim in respect to his brother Muslim is Haraam, his blood, his wealth and his honor (Muslim, Ibn Maajah).
Actually, it is not only a religious minority-cleansing problem, its brutality shaking the world conscience deserving a ‘great humanitarian crisis’ of the history after Granada tragedy in Spain. Still no rulers or leaders have shown eagerness to take responsibilities of the Rohingya but some are being compelled to talk for the Rohingya for their indigenous public support to this prosecuted part of the Muslim Ummah. Unity of Muslim world is very crucial, as Russia, China and India have taken the unjust side of Myanmar. Furthermore, Bangladesh government alone cannot manage the Rohingya’s multiple problems including food, shelter, healt and peaceful returning to their ancestral home in Myanmar.

The writer is  an M.Phil researcher at Dhaka University and an assistant professor in Social Science Faculty in Scholars’ School & College, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

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